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Free 15 hours for all 3 to 4 year olds

What is on offer for all 3 to 4 year olds?

The Government pays for all 3 to 4 year olds to have 15 hours of free education every week in school term time.

How do Church Hill and Low Hall offer the free 15 hours for 3 to 4 year olds?

We provide these as either:

  • 5 x 3-hour morning sessions, 9am to 12 noon, or
  • 5 x 3-hour afternoon sessions, 1pm to 4pm

How do I put my child on the waiting list?

If you might want to send your child to one of our schools, please:

  1. fill out our Application form 
  2. select ‘Church Hill’ or ‘Low Hall’
  3. Fill in the rest of the form and submit it. You must answer questions with a '*'

This adds your child to our Waiting List.

When can my 3 year old start nursery school and will they leave?

The majority of 3 year olds start the September after their 3rd birthday, and leave the July before they start primary school.

Most children leave us when they go to primary school, so most of our spaces become available in September.

When will I know if  my child has  a place?

We contact all the families of 3 year olds on our Waiting List in the Spring before your child is due to start in September. Please confirm as soon as possible:

  1. if you still want a place at the school
  2. if you prefer a morning or an afternoon place
  3. if you are eligible for the free 30 hours, and if so, your eligibility code
  4. if you would like to pay for Daycare (additional hours) and if so, the pattern that you would like.

If we offer your child a place in one of our schools we will arrange for you to come in to complete the admissions process.