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Daycare: additional hours

We didn't increased our prices for 22-23. We don't plan to increase prices for 23-24, however, we may be forced to review this. If we do have to increase prices, we will give notice to all families the term before it happens and at least a month in advance.

In addition to the free hours, we offer paid-for education and care at £9 per hour, and for a minimum of 2 days a week in these patterns:

  • year-round (48 weeks a year), 8am to 6pm. In school holidays all year-round children attend our Play Scheme at Church Hill
  • term-time (39 weeks a year), 9am to 4pm, to which you can add early finishes and/or late finishes:
  • early starts: Breakfast Club from 8am to 9am, £8 per session  and/or
  • late finishes: 4pm to 6pm, £18 per session.

Lunch costs £3.50 per day for a hot meal.

All children who are here between 8am and 9am are offered breakfast of toast and cereal, children who stay until 6pm are given a home-cooked snack tea.

You don't pay for your Free 15 or 30 hours. You pay for the additional hours you need to make up the total hours of education and care you need.

Fees and deposits

We ask for a non-refundable £10 registration fee, and a deposit of one month’s fees, both due before your child starts (by early July for a September start). The deposit is used against the final month's fees. Monthly fees are payable monthly in advance on or around the 5th day of each month. Your monthly payment is calculated over 11 months, so that you pay the same amount each month, irrespective of school holidays. 


On days you do not require a long day you will still be expected to bring your child to a 3-hour session. When children come to school every week day they build stronger social bonds with other children and with staff, and this aids their development. They also get used to having a weekday routine, which is helpful for all the family as preparation for primary school.

Changing your pattern

We can only make changes to the daycare pattern your child attends if we have the space and the staff to guarantee their education. Any change that we are able to accommodate will be actioned the term after you make the request, and we require a minimum of 4 weeks’ notice. We use this time to make sure we will have enough staff in the school to take care of the children, as well as to sort out the admin. This is a time-consuming and complicated process, so we only allow 3 changes per academic year and once in every term. If you change pattern between accepting a place and a September start, this counts as your Autumn term change, so you will not be able to change again before January at the earliest.

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