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Application form

Please note:
1. We do not administer applications during school holidays.
Our admin team works during school terms, and not during school holidays.

2. Our waiting list works like other schools, using our admissions criteria to allocate places. Time on the list is not a criterion, so please do not apply before your baby is born.

3. If your child needs significant support in nursery they may only be offered 15 hours. You will need to speak to the SENCO before a 30-hour place or daycare can be considered.

Select the school you are applying for*

About your child

Select any of these statements which applies to your child
They are in public care or are fostered under an arrangement made by the Local Authority
They have known disabilities, additional needs or social problems (referred from another agency)
They are not attending another early years setting
They have siblings who previously attended the nursery school
Either parent works at a state-funded school within half a mile of the school
They are in receipt of the Free Early Education Entitlement for 2 year olds or Early Years Pupil Premium
Is your child developing as you would expect? e.g. sight and hearing, sentences, vocabulary and intelligibility
Does your child receive Disability Living Allowance?