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Help keep children safe

The safety and wellbeing of all our children is of utmost importance, and everyone has an active role to play. You can read our full Safeguarding Policy on our policies page. This page tells you what you can do:


  1. Activities to do at home
  2. When you arrive
  3. While you are in school
  4. When you leave the building
  5. At any time
  6. What we do if we have a concern about a child
  7. How to find us
  8. What you can do if you have a concern about a child
  9. What to do if an emergency happens in school: fire, accident/illness or critical incident
  10. Where the toilets and nappy change are

Activities to  do at home

Learn the NSPCC pants rules together with your child.

Read Hanni and the Magic Window together with your child, to start teaching them about online safety. 

When you arrive:

  • If you are staying, sign in, collect and wear a badge, and either sanitise your hands or wash them for 20 seconds.
  • Put away your mobile phone and take off any headphones. Don’t make calls, take photos or videos on nursery school premises unless given express permission.
  • If you sneeze, use the tissues and bins provided to ‘Catch it, bin it, kill it’
  • Take note of the fire exits and where the fire assembly point is as you go through the building.
  • Tell the office team if you will need help to leave safely if an emergency happens while you are here.
  • Don't come more than 5 minutes early for a session.

While you are in school:

  • Move calmly through the school.
  • Don’t eat, drink or chew gum.
  • Close the gates and the doors after yourself.
  • Tell us if you have an accident.

When you leave the building:

  • If you signed in, sanitise or wash your hands, sign out and hand in your badge.

At any time:

  • Be sure to tell us who can pick up your child every day and in special circumstances. We won’t allow a child to be collected by someone who is unknown to us, or who is unfit through drugs or alcohol.
  • If any of your phone numbers or your emergency phone numbers change, tell us straight away.
  • Discuss your child regularly with their Key Person, talk about what their needs are and how we can meet them (including medical needs, allergies or any special requirements). We will ask for a doctor’s letter to confirm allergies.
  • If your doctor prescribes your child medicine that they must take during nursery hours, fill out the form ‘Parental Agreement to Administer Medicines’ from the office. We can only administer medicine that has been prescribed by a doctor and labelled with the child’s name by the chemist.

If we have a concern about a child:

We believe that a concern is not an accusation. If we have a concern about a child, this is what we do. It is called 'child protection':

  1. Talk to you (if the child is yours).
  2. In some cases we will ask for advice from the MASH team (Multi Agency Safeguarding Hub).
  3. We record the concern.
  4. We follow up concerns later on to ensure that any support needed has had an effect.
  5. We only share this information with staff who work directly with the child.

How to find us:

There are photos of all staff on the wall on the way in. If you can’t find who you are looking for, call 020 8520 1689 and make an appointment.

If you have a concern about a child:

If the concern is about your child, talk to their key person.

If the concern is about another child, discuss it with Designated Safeguarding and Online Safeguarding Lead, Helen Currie (Executive Headteacher), or with a Deputy Designated Safeguarding Lead: Nalinee Sabaroche or Lindsay Read (in term time), Sarah Davies (Playscheme).

If your concern is about a member of staff, a student or a volunteer, talk to Helen Currie or
Lindsay Read (Assistant Headteacher).

If your concern is about the Assistant Headteacher, talk to Helen Currie.

If your concern is about the Executive Headteacher, talk to Abrar Malik, Chair of Governors, or Mark Brown, Safeguarding Link Governor.

If your concern is about the Chair of Governors, call 020 8496 3206 to talk to the Divisional Director of Children and Families at LBWF.

If school is closed and you feel that a child or young person is at immediate risk of harm, call the Police on 999 and ask for immediate assistance.

You can also call 101 at any time.


If the risk is less immediate and school is closed, call the MASH team on 020 8496 2317.


What to do in an emergency in school:


  • Leave the building calmly and promptly by following the green FIRE EXIT signs.
  • Assemble on the long entrance path..
  • Answer clearly as the register is called.
  • Do not go back into the building until a member of staff tells you it is safe to do so.

Accident or illness:

  • If you have an accident or feel unwell, please ask a member of staff for First Aid. All nursery staff have basic First Aid training.
  • When you are well enough, please report to the school office, where you may be asked to fill out a form.

Critical incident:

  • In the event of a sudden threat happening, staff will say calmly ‘We are in Lockdown.’
  • Go into the nursery building quickly and calmly.
  • Help staff to close and lock windows and doors. Follow staff instructions and move to a position away from sightlines from external windows/doors.
  • Staff will knock on the door of ‘engaged’ toilets if a critical incident happens. If you are inside you should come out and go to the main nursery.
  • Help staff to keep the children calm.
  • Do not use your mobile phone unless you are asked to do so by the senior member of staff present.
  • Stay calm and quiet until the senior member of staff signals the ‘all clear’.

Toilets and nappy change:

  • The adults’ toilet and the accessible adults’ toilet are in the main nursery area.

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