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Government policies and advice

There is a range of statutory and government guidance that we need to comply with to ensure that we operate in a safe and efficient manner:

1. Our curriculum

The Statutory framework for the Early Years Foundation Stage underpins the education we provide (set out in our Teaching and Learning Policy). You can read it here:

One area covered by the EYFS is the promotion of children's spiritual, moral, cultural, mental and physical development. Our principles were developed in line with the non-statutory advice you can read here:

Our Behaviour Policy, Getting Along Together, our Equality and Inclusion Policy, Different But Equal and our Teaching and Learning Policy set out how we do this in line with the statutory guidance you can read here:

2. Keeping Children Safe

Keeping children safe in education is the Government's core safeguarding and child protection information, and is updated once a year. All staff must read part 1 and Annex B. School leaders must also read Annex C (DSL role), Part 4 and Part 5:

Sataff must also read:


3.Encouraging good nutrition

Our Food Policy and practice is in line with this advice from Public Health England: