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  • Church Hill Nursery School
  • Low Hall Nursery School

Our policies

We put into practice national and borough policies and guidelines alongside our own. This helps us maintain and spread good practice.

The policies that all schools must share and the ones we think you will find useful are available on this page.

School operations

Link to policy what the policy does
Admissions and Transitions Policy how we administer who comes to our schools and how we support their transition to primary school
Attendance Policy how we encourage children to come to school every day
Charging and Remissions Policy  what we charge for and how much we charge

All about the children

Link to policy What the policy does
Teaching and Learning Policy our educational approach, including how we deliver the Early Years Foundation Stage
Getting Along Together  our behaviour policy; read the summary statement here.
Different But Equal our SEND and inclusion policy; our approach to special educational needs and disabilities, equality and inclusion; read how we are progressing with our Equalities Objectives here and our Local Offer for Church Hill here and for Low Hall here.
Accessibility Plan what we are doing to improve the accessibility of our schools. We had Accessibility Audits done by a third party and are working through the actions. You can read our progress in this plan.
Safeguarding Policy

how we handle child protection concerns of all kinds

Online safety Policy what we do to keep children safe in the digital world
Social Media Policy how we handle Social Media
Intimate Care Policy and Procedure how we deal with nappy changing and other physically personal matters
Food Policy how we approach food in our schools

Data and communication

Link to policy what the policy does
Communications Policy how we seek to communicate in all media
Data Protection Policy how we keep personal information safe
Privacy Notice how we handle and protect parents' and children's data
CCTV Policy how we use CCTV safely
Complaints Policy and Procedure has all the detail and forms you might need to make your voice heard if other avenues have failed. You can read the short version here
e-safety, photos, data and online behaviour guidance for families on what we do and what they can do to be safe in the digital world
Data Retention Schedule how we manage the storage of data, the documents we keep and how long we keep them for
Schools Personal Data Breach Procedure what we do if personal data which we hold is made public
Reporting Data Infringement by Employees what we do to report Data Protection infringements by one of our employees
School Subject Access Procedure what families should do if they want to see what data we hold about them or their child
Freedom of Information Publication Scheme explains what information we hold as an organisation
Freedom of Information Policy how members of the public can access information we hold

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