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Keeping children safe in our schools

The safety and wellbeing of all our children is of utmost importance to Church Hill and Low Hall Nursery Schools.

All staff, governors, parents, carers, contractors, volunteers and visitors have an active role to play in protecting our pupils from harm.

PANTS rules that will help your child stay safe

What we do to keep children safe

Recruitment and training

  • We only employ staff once we have made thorough checks that they are suitable to work with children.
  • Regular safeguarding training makes sure that staff know how to recognise and how to raise any concerns about children, other staff members or working practices. We display photos of the staff who have lead responsibility for safeguarding and child protection.
  • All staff have regular first aid training. We display photos of the staff who have extended First Aid training.
  • All visitors sign in and sign out so that we know exactly who is on the premises and why.
  • All students understand our practices, and are observed and mentored by experienced staff.

Health and safety

  • Nappy changing is monitored closely, children are never changed in totally enclosed private areas. They are only changed by members of staff.
  • Children always have access to drinking water
  • In hot weather we will apply fragrance-free sunscreen.


  • Staff may only use mobile phones in the staff room when they are on a break.
  • We take children’s photos only with their agreement and with the written consent of their parents or carers.
  • Children can only access the internet for short amounts of time, with adults present and through a filter that blocks unsafe sites.


  • A daily check of the premises helps keep everyone safe from clear hazards; regular thorough checks of equipment including electrical equipment tell us when we need to fix things that aren’t obviously broken.
  • We test our Fire Alarms regularly and we hold fire drills at least termly.
  • We use CCTV to record our reception areas.

How all visitors can help

All visitors are given a leaflet when they sign in which we ask them to read. This leaflet sets out:

  • what to do on arrival
  • our safeguarding commitments
  • what they should do if they have a concern
  • how to keep safe and comfortable while in school
  • what to do in emergency

There are 4 leaflets for each school, and you can read them here.

What we do if we have a concern about a child

We believe that a concern is not an accusation. If we have a concern about a child, this is what we do (child protection)

Talk to you (if the child is yours)

In some cases we will ask for advice from the MASH team (Multi Agency Safeguarding Hub)

We record the concern

We follow up concerns later on to ensure that any support that has been given has had the hoped-for effect

We only share this information with staff who work directly with the child

What to do if you have a concern about a child

If the concern is about your child:

  • talk to your key person.

If it is about another child:

  • discuss the matter with Designated Safeguarding Lead, Helen Currie (Executive Head Teacher), or

at Church Hill:

  • with a Deputy Designated Safeguarding Leader: Pat English (in term time), Rockena Muirhead (2 year olds) or Sarah Tansley (in Playscheme)

at Low Hall:

  • with a Deputy Designated Safeguarding Leader: Nalinee Sabaroche (in term time), Sarah Tansley (during Playscheme)

If your concern is about a member of staff:

  • talk to Helen Currie or at Church Hill Pat English (Senior Teacher) and at Low Hall, Nalinee Sabaroche, (Senior Teacher)

If your concern is about a Senior Teacher:

  • talk to Helen Currie 

If your concern is about the Executive Head Teacher:

  • talk to Pauline France, Chair of Governors or Maxine Lafayette, Safeguarding Link Governor

If your concern is about the Chair of Governors:

  • call 020 8496 3206 to talk to the Divisional Director of Children and Families at LBWF.

If it is outside of nursery hours:

  • If school is closed and you feel that a child or young person is at immediate risk of harm, call the Police on 999 and ask for immediate assistance. You can also call 101 at any time.
  • If the risk is less immediate and school is closed, call the MASH team on 020 8496 2317.

If you have a concern about an adult working with children in Waltham Forest you could alternatively: