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  • Church Hill Nursery School
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Our Governing Body

The governing body has overall responsibility for ensuring the highest standards of education are provided in both schools, and for setting the strategy for future development.

What the Governing Body does

Governors work in close collaboration with the staff and parents to ensure high-quality education and care in a welcoming environment. To do this the Governing Body formulates relevant policies and sets aims and objectives which are addressed in annual School Development Plans for the two schools. Governors' scrutiny at Church Hill and Low Hall covers these areas:

  • planning and development of the educational curriculum and extended services,
  • children’s learning progress and all-round development
  • policy-making and review
  • the staff teams and professional training
  • the school budgets and fund-raising
  • maintenance and improvements to the buildings and school grounds.

How the Governing Body works

Our Governing Body is made up of:

  • the Executive Headteacher and 1 member of staff, voted for by all staff at both schools
  • 2 parent governors
  • 1 Local Authority governor, proposed by the London Borough of Waltham Forest
  • 5 co-opted governors, people from our local community who all bring particular expertise
  • occasionally, an associate governor is appointed

This combination of volunteers is designed to bring a range of appropriate expertise and engagement which can understand and challenge the school operations in a supportive yet critical way.

There are  4 ways governors and the schools meet:

1. Some governors take particular Link Governor responsibility for specific areas. They make visits to the schools, usually once a term and during school hours, to have in-depth discussions with staff and observe how their area of interest is working. After the visit they write a report, which is circulated to all governors.

2. Three sub-committees meet every term:

  • Finance, Pay and Personnel
  • Children's Learning and Development, and
  • Premises.

These meetings have detailed discussion, and make recommendations to the Full Governing Body. As the occasion arises, governors sit on recruitment boards, disciplinary committees and complaints panels.

3. Full Governing Body meetings of all governors are held once a term. Parents who are interested can attend as observers.

4. From time to time some governors also join working parties with staff leaders to draw up new policies or guidance, or to work on a particular matter.

You can see which governor does which role in the 'who's who' section.

Who's who, declarations of interest and attendance at meetings

Name Governor Type Term From Term To Roles
Mr Mark Brown Co-opted governor 6 May 2021 5 May 2025 Vice Chair of Governors, Premises, Safeguarding & Children's Welfare Link Governor
Ms Aalia Chaudhary Parent governor 1 September 2021 31 August 2024 FPP
Mrs Helen Currie Executive Headteacher
n/a n/a all committees
Ms Sally Davey Co-opted governor
3 Oct 2022 3 Oct 2026 Chair of CLD, Link for PSED & SEND
Mr Peter Dawe Co-opted governor
2 Feb 2019 1 Feb 2023 Chair of Finance, Pay and Personnel Committee
Ms Pauline France Local Authority governor
2 Feb 2019 1 Feb 2023 Chair of FPP elect, Premises, Children's Play & Learning
Mr Abrar Malik Co-opted governor 5 May 2021 4 May 2025 Chair of Governors, CLD
Mr Jana Mills Co-opted governor
4 Sep 2022 4 Sep 2026 Vice Chair of FPP, Link for Sustainability & Equalities
Ms Lindsay Read Staff governor
16 Oct 2019 15 Oct 2023 CLD, FPP
Ms Katy Thompson Parent governor 1 September 2021 31 August 2024 Premises
Mrs Caroline Russell Clerk
n/a   Clerk

To see which governor came to which meeting:

To see our governors' declared interests, click here.

Approved minutes of meetings

Minutes are signed off at the meeting after they are taken. The minuted acceptance is available the term after that. As meetings are termly, ratified minutes are always posted here two terms in arears. As minutes are now signed off digitally, minutes no longer show handwritten signatures and initials.

academic year term committee
21-22 Summer
20-21 Summer
  • Full Governing Body
  • Finance Pay and Personnel: all minutes marked confidential, so not posted here
  • Children's Learning and Development: this meeting hasn't happened for some time due to COVID restrictions, however the Chair did a learning walk at both schools, the notes from which are here.
  • Premises
19-20 Summer
18-19 Summer
17-18 Summer


We pay the Local Authority to clerk our meetings; we don't write our own minutes. These minutes (confidential items excepted) are made public.

The clerk also records who attends which meetings, who is on which committee, who the link governors are for particular subjects and who has declared which pecuniary or personal interest. Governors declare at each meeting whether they have any financial or personal interest in any agenda item, and this is minuted.

You can see the Pecuniary and Personal Interests of the members of the Governing Body in the tab above called 'Who's who, declarations of interest and attendance at meetings'.

Listening to understand and improve

We are always happy to meet with parents to talk about our role on the governing body and how our shared vision for young children is being put into outstanding practice. We support Listening Week and follow up on any suggestions, ideas and comments from parents.