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  • Church Hill Nursery School
  • Low Hall Nursery School
  • Church Hill Nursery School
  • Low Hall Nursery School

Our staff team

Senior leadership team

Helen Currie Executive Headteacher
Lindsay Read Assistant Headteacher
Patricia English Senior Teacher and Special Needs Co-ordinator 
Hasina Rashid Business Manager
Bubble Well-being Assistant
Squeak Well-being Assistant

Administration team

Aisha Aslam Office Administrator
Alina Afzal Office Administrator
Alison Emmett Marketing & Policy Officer

Teaching team

Ali Mussell Teacher
Maria Theoklitou Teacher
Naila Bashir  Senior Early Years Practitioner 
Rockena Muirhead Senior Early Years Practitioner 
Sarah Davies Senior Early Years Practitioner, Playscheme Leader
Sylvie Nicolaou  Senior Early Years Practitioner
Aimee Mayombo Early Years Practitioner
Jagdeep Sarkaria Early Years Practitioner
Melissa Dzius  Early Years Practitioner
Naciye Ismet Early Years Practitioner
Sandra Turk Early Years Practitioner
Sarah Faisal Early Years Practitioner
Azra Pathan Special Needs Assistant
Macala Costello Special Needs Assistant/Playworker
Laraba Bawa Lunchtime Play Assistant and crèche worker
Dita Ukshini Special Needs Assistant and Teatime Club Play worker
Khadeeja Younis Playworker
Mahum Shahzad Playworker
Melisha Etienne Playworker
Pahee Yogarajah Playworker
Abiola Amope Teatime Club Kitchen Assistant 

Premises team

Ebrahim Mayat Site Services Officer
Fatemeh Shirani Cleaner
Flori Nemoianu Site Services Assistant, Playscheme