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We Play! end of project survey

Please fill out this survey after you have finished the We Play! project. It should take about 5 minutes.

We need you to answer most of the questions and would like you to answer them all. Some answers might not fit perfectly, but please choose the one that is the closest to how you and your child are feeling.

Choose which school your child goes to*
Which toy set did you have?
1. How do you feel about the We Play! project?*
2. How often have you played with your child since the end of We Play! Compared with before the project?*
4. Has your child played with the We Play! Toys by themselves since the end of We Play!?*
5. Did anyone else join in?
6. What did you think of the toys you got?*
I would have preferred:
7. Can you tell us what your child thought about We Play!?*
9. What has it felt like at home today:

Thank you for filling in this survey. We hope that your answers will help us get funding to run it again, and when we do, we will do it better.