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Settling In

We hope that you will be able to attend our Visiting Day often before your child starts school.

Once you have been offered a place you must complete the following 3 visits before your child can take up that place. These may include a home visit where the Key Person comes to you.

First Visit

Explore the school, talk to staff and play. Please bring your diary so we can arrange your second and third visits.

Second Visit

Explore the school, talk to staff and play.

Third Visit: fill in forms and meet your child's Key Person

We hope that at this stage your child will be happy in the nursery while you are filling in forms.

The Admin Team will fill out our Pink Admissions Form with you, asking for the information that will help us take the best care of your child and we will agree your child's starting date. Please bring with you:

  • your child’s birth certificate, passport or other formal identification document
  • the contact details of people who we can contact in case of emergency
  • the name and address of your child's doctor
  • your Red Book

For 2 year old places and 30 hour 3 to 4 year old places, please also bring your eligibility code.

You will also meet your child’s Key Person, discuss how the school operates fill in another form with information about your child, and receive the government’s guide to the Early Years Curriculum, What to Expect When? A Parent’s Guide to the Early Years Foundation Stage

You will be able to play in the nursery for the rest of the session.

Who starts when?

The majority of children at the beginning of the Autumn Term, when we have a phased admission, with several new children starting each day.

The earliest start dates are given to children of working parents and children with disabilities or other additional needs.