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  • Church Hill Nursery School
  • Low Hall Nursery School
  • Church Hill Nursery School
  • Low Hall Nursery School

Quality education

Church Hill Nursery School and Low Hall Nursery School came together in 2014 as a federation of two schools that share a vision and aspirations for young children growing up in Walthamstow.

Staff, parents and governors from the two schools work together to secure outstanding education for all our children.

We value the achievements of the young children who come to our schools and recognise the important role families play in their children’s development.

We believe there is a place for learning through playful and creative action, communication, exploration and imaginative teaching. Our schools provide that place.

The educational provision in our schools is built on decades of experience, knowledge and early childhood expertise.

Our Aims

Our aims for the 3 years from Summer 2016 are built on our principles:

  1. Keep play and learning at the heart of early education.
  2. Enhance virtual networks, information sharing and parent-to-parent support.
  3. Embed sustainable, ethical and fair practice on all our sites.