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Applying for Primary School

In Waltham Forest children usually start full-time education in a Primary School in the Autumn term of the school year in which they become five years old.

If your child was born between 1 September 2019 and 31 August 2020 they are due to start in Reception class at a primary school from September 2024.

To be allocated a Primary/Infant School place for September 2024 you must apply, ideally online, by 11.59pm on the 15th January 2024  at the very latest.

How to apply

1. Click on the picture below to go to the London Borough of Waltham Forest website:

Here you can find out things including:

  • how places were allocated to each school in each of the last few years
  • which schools need a Supplementary Information Form (SIF)
  • Download the pdf of the booklet ‘Starting Primary School in 2024’.

It gives you:

  • all about the admissions process
  • a list of all the primary schools in Waltham Forest and information about them
  • a map of them, their addresses and contact details
  • a link to https:\\ where you can search for schools using your postcode
  • Download a detailed guide to applying online
  • Follow the link to the eadmissions website (or click on the next picture), which is where you apply:

You must provide proof of:

  • your home address
  • your child’s date of birth
  • your child’s home address

When you apply online you can upload photographs of any paper documents you have.

Which school?

At the moment it isn’t possible to visit most schools, but many have virtual tours on their websites. Please read as much of their websites as you can. Try to make your own decision about which suits your child the best.

Some schools have additional entrance requirements, which will be explained in the ‘admissions’ section of their school website.

Difficulties with the process? Can’t get online at home?

Visit a Library where you can use a self-service PC and staff will be able to support you

You can also talk to your Key Person, who will support you.

Who manages the process?

Places are allocated by the London Borough of Waltham Forest. If you have a problem with the process, call 020 8496 3000 and ask to speak to the School Admissions Service, or email

When do I find out which school?

Parents will find out which school their child is going to by email on the 16th April 2024 or by post soon after.

You must respond to the offer by 30th April at the very latest.

When you find out where your child is going, please tell us so that we can make links with staff from you child’s new school.

Transition to primary school

In the Summer Term your child's Key Person will use the written observations that have been made throughout the year to complete their Transition Record. This is the final summary of your child’s achievements at nursery school. You will be invited to discuss their achievements and to read and comment on this record, which will then be forwarded to their primary school.

In addition to passing on these Transition Records, we support the exciting process of starting primary school by making contact with the reception staff at the schools, arranging visits and meeting with staff.

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