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Applying for Primary School

In Waltham Forest children usually start full-time education in a Primary School in the Autumn term of the year in which they become five years old.

To be allocated a Primary or Infant School place, you must apply online at during the previous Autumn term. Before you apply you can visit all the schools you think you might like, and this will help you decide where to apply. Some schools have additional entrance requirements, which they will tell you about when you visit.

Allocations are made by the London Borough of Waltham Forest, and you can call the School Admissions Service on 020 8496 3000 or email Staff at the Nursery School can give you further advice on the procedure.

With current admission arrangements to Primary and Infant Schools, parents should know which school their child is going to at least one term before leaving Nursery School.

When you know where your child is going, please tell us so that we can make links with staff from your child’s new school.

Transition to primary school

In the Summer Term at your child's Key Person will use the written observations that have been made throughout the year to complete their Transition Record. This is the final summary of their achievement at nursery, and includes samples of their work. You will be invited to discuss your child’s progress and to read and comment on this record, which will then be forwarded to their primary school.

In addition to passing on these Transition Records, we support the exciting process of starting primary school by making contact with the reception staff at the schools, arranging visits and with meeting staff.