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Still fighting for future funding

Petition for Maintained Nursery Schools

Dear staff, parents and carers

You may remember that in January 2019 we signed a petition asking for the government to agree top up funding for maintained nursery schools for the summer of 2020.  Stella Creasy represented Waltham Forest Nursery Schools in parliament and presented this petition on our behalf.  This petition was successful. 

The government agreed to this payment but said that they would be adding funding for maintained nursery schools to a spending review for this summer.

That review has now been delayed.  This means that all 392 nursery schools in the country are not clear on what our funding will be from September 2020. 

We are schools and therefore have to pay qualified teachers and look after our buildings.  This makes us more expensive to run than a private nursery.  But I hope you would agree that the quality of education at both Church Hill and Low Hall Nursery Schools demonstrates the value of the extra money that we receive. 

I would ask you to please sign the following petition:

It is urging Education Secretary, Damian Hinds, to guarantee proper funding for the long term and ensure no more nursery schools are forced to close because of insufficient budgets.

Please share this petition with your friends on social media.  We must ensure that all maintained nursery schools have the guarantee of the long term, fair funding that we need for our futures instead of asking continually for top ups. 

I am also coordinating the Mayor of Waltham Forest, members of parliament and local head teachers to write a joint letter to lobby the Secretary of State on our behalf for this funding. 

The London Borough Waltham Forest is committed to our future.  They are supporting the schools with this campaign. This does not mean that we are closing, but it does mean that we cannot plan financially which is obviously very challenging. 

Warm regards

Helen Currie

Executive Head Teacher 

Church Hill and Low Hall Nursery Schools