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  • Church Hill Nursery School
  • Low Hall Nursery School

How to keep your children safe online


Tuesday 29th January 9am to 11am

Church Hill Nursery School


The Race Equality Foundation has developed a fun, 2 hour workshop to support parents in keeping their children safe in the fast moving world of smartphones, tablets, online gaming and social media sites.

This is a chance to consider what the real benefits of the online world are as well as being able to identify the risks:

  • Why do children want to be online with their friends all the time?
  • How much time should I allow my child to play on his/her gaming device?
  • What about parental controls? 

The workshop aims to give parents the confidence and the tools to help keep children safe and, ultimately to give their children the resilience to keep themselves safe as they mature. Suitable for parents of children of all ages (developmental thinking stages are considered). The workshop also links parents to ongoing support for the future. All learning materials, light refreshments and a warm welcome are provided by experienced parenting programme facilitators.

Please sign up for this free course in the front office.