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100% of Church Hill children happy and safe

Our summer 2016 survey of parents and carers results are in. Most joyously, 100% of parents agreed that their child was happy at Church Hill, and 100% said their child felt safe. From our point of view if a child isn’t happy and doesn’t feel safe then they are unlikely to play, and unlikely to learn. Playing to learn is where it’s at.

We scored highly in all the other areas too. 98% of parents and carers said they would recommend us, with the other 2% undecided rather than saying they wouldn’t.

100% also agreed or agreed strongly with these statements:

  • My child makes good progress
  • My child is well looked after
  • The nursery makes sure the children are well behaved
  • Church Hill is well led and managed

And all the other areas were at least 96%:

  • My child is taught well
  • Everyone’s needs are considered
  • Church Hill supports children to think about how their behaviour might affect others
  • I receive valuable information from the nursery about my child’s progress

We are delighted with these results, but are keen to live our ethos of lifelong learning. The 2% who ticked ‘Don’t know’ to tell us they could receive more valuable information about their child’s progress has led us to change how we present the children’s Learning Journals to parents and carers. We have ordered some new shelving, and soon parents and carers will be able to look at their child’s Learning Journal while waiting for the session to start. This should give them a better idea of how their child is developing in nursery time. We hope this will also lead to children bringing in more examples of things they have done outside nursery, and strengthen the partnership we have with our families.