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Vote for us at Tesco stores

We are taking part in Tesco's Bags for Life competition, trying to win money for to pay for our new mosaics. The project with the highest number of votes will receive £2,000, the second placed project £1,000 and the third placed project £500.

How to vote

To vote, you will need to buy something of any value from one of the stores taking part. You will receive one token per transaction and it's not necessary to purchase a carrier bag in order to receive a token. You put your token in the Church Hill section of the voting unit.

When to vote

You can vote from now until 31st March.

Where to vote

Here is the list of stores where you can vote:

  • 2805       LEYTON EXPRESS              E17 9DZ                Express
  • 2806       LEYTONSTONE   E11 1HT                Superstore
  • 2832       LEYTON                E10 7AA                Superstore
  • 3359       WALTHAMSTOW EXPRESS           E17 9AA                Express
  • 5327       HIGHAMS PARK                E4 9EF   Superstore
  • 5945       WALTHAMSTOW FORES EXP       E17 6JR Express
  • 6162       LEYTON HI RD EXP            E10 5NA               Express
  • 6234       CHINGFORD EXP              E4 7BE   Express
  • 6244       LDN LEA BRIDGE RD EXP                E10 7EA                Express
  • 6339       MNT RD CHINGFORD EXP             E4 8LJ    Express
  • 6365       HI RD LEYTONSTONE EXP              E11 4PB                Express
  • 6431       WALTHMSTW ST JAMS EXP         E17 7PF Express
  • 6611       KENILWORTH AVE EXP   E17 4NE                Express
  • 6977       WALTHMSTW WD STRT EXP        E17 3HT                Express

To check the location of any of the above stores, please go to the Tesco website here:

What is Bags for Life?

Bags of Help is funded from bag sales and Tesco periodically review the amount of money they provide through the scheme so that it matches the amount of money that is being raised. The change in grant size and voting period reflects reductions in plastic use by customers and their 4Rs programme to Remove, Reduce, Reuse and Recycle plastic materials. For instance, in the last year Tesco have stopped offering single use plastic carrier bags with online deliveries – removing the use of 250 million carrier bags every year. At the same time, customers in stores are buying fewer and reusing their Bags for Life more. The Bags of Help scheme remains hugely popular with customers and has provided over £80 million of funding to more than 27,000 local community projects since 2016 and Tesco remain committed to investing in local projects and community groups.

Some competition rules

Please note the below advice in terms of do’s and don’ts before and during the voting period:


  • Cast your vote as soon as you receive your token for a project in the current voting round
  • Only submit Tesco Bags of Help tokens to cast your vote
  • Maximise promotion of our project during the voting period by sharing this story with your friends and family
  • Encourage the local community and your supporters to get involved with Bags of Help voting


  • Tamper with the voting unit (otherwise our project may be void from the vote)
  • Influence other customers casting their vote at the voting unit
  • Take more than one token from the self-serve checkouts
  • Hoard then submit multiple tokens in the voting unit
  • Promote our project in store without permission from the Store Manager
  • Collect Bags of Help tokens from stores that are not within our region to vote for our project

Please note, if we don't stick to these rules, it may affect our grant award.