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Survey on workshops for parents & carers

We value our partnerships with you all and we know that the stronger the partnership then the better the outcomes for our children. We would like to start offering supportive workshops to help you to understand our learning principles. These will last about 45 minutes, and in the short term these will be virtual, using Zoom or Microsoft Teams.

Thank you for taking the time to complete this short survey. Please do this before 1st March 2021.

Select the school your child goes to
Are you interested in attending workshops throughout the school year?
a. Early Maths
b. Mark making (the first step in learning to write)
c. Self–regulation strategies (controlling your own emotions)
d. Phonics (a first step in learning to read)
e. Special Educational Needs
f. Health and self-care
g. Speech and Language development
h. Messy play (a first step in learning many things including science, self-care, cooking, design…)
i. Digital technology (early programming and logic skills)
Morning (9.30am)
Afternoon (1.30pm)
After school (4.30pm)