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  • Church Hill Nursery School
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Why is a maintained nursery school special?

We are structured for success

We are different from a primary school nursery in that our entire structure specialises in early education. Children leave us when they are developmentally ready to go up to ‘big school’ in the year in which they turn 5. They build confidence by being the oldest children in school.

Our business is education

We are different from a private nursery in that our business is education, not profit. All our decisions are based on the education of the children, from how we assess and report to parents to how we manage snacks.

Openness and   self-improvement are built in

Maintained’ means that we are state (Local Authority)-funded schools - just like primary or secondary schools. This guarantees the level of skills and qualifications we have and the rigour of our drive for self-improvement:

  • By law, we have a qualified headteacher (BA Ed, QTS NPQH), both schools have qualified teachers (BA Ed QTS), and a qualified SENDco to support children with special educational needs.
  • By law we have a governing body which oversees everything we do.
  • By law, we are inspected under the Ofsted School inspection framework.
  • We are open about our practice, our plans for further development and improvement (our SDP), and how we measure ourselves against the current Ofsted framework. Please read about our practice, our assessment, and our plans for development and improvement (our SEF).

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