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Do you like to talk?

We have an exciting opportunity for someone who is happy to talk to other parents and carers to help us make Walthamstow East Children’s Centre even better: come and join our Advisory Board. We meet once every 6 weeks, during the day.

The next meeting is Monday 22 September at 10.00 am

Leave your details with a member of the Children’s Centre staff, or call Maxine Lafayette on 07960-321997 to find out more.

These are some of the things you can help us with to achieve our mission of ‘ working together for all our children’:

  • talk to other parents so you can tell us their ideas and comments, sharing good news stories and highlighting the issues that affect parents
  • tell other parents you know about the Children's Centre services
  • have a say in the policies relating to the Children's Centre that decide how we work
  • question and challenge whether the activities and services meet the demands and needs of the community
  • contribute to the monitoring and evaluation of activities delivered by our partners. e.g. talking with parents in our community.