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  • Church Hill Nursery School
  • Low Hall Nursery School
  • Church Hill Nursery School
  • Low Hall Nursery School

Guided tours of our schools

We take 1 family at a time on a short guided tour of our outdoor spaces, every other Tuesday at Church Hill and every other Thursday at Low Hall, at 10.30am and 2pm.

If at all possible, this is for grown-ups only - toddlers can get upset looking round when they have to leave after a short time, and we want them to have happy thoughts about our schools!

Tours last ten to 20 minutes, and you will be given a leaflet about what we offer, how we teach and our admissions process to take away with you.

Please have a look at this website before you come, as this will help you learn about us.

Dates for the Spring Term are:

Church Hill Low Hall
8th February 10th February


To book your place, either:

  • go into the school office (open 8.30am to 12noon, 1pm to 4pm) or
  • telephone during office hours: Church Hill: 020 8520 4919, Low Hall: 020 8520 1689

Places are first come, first served.

We will ask you to wear a mask while you are on site.

Please let us know as soon as possible if you need to cancel.